Hip Hop Abs Workout

The Hip Hop Abs workout is a popular home fitness program that is as fun as it is effective. If you have a desire to improve your abs (and who doesn’t?), you have undoubtedly looked into many of the programs and services out there. The traditional methods of weight training, sit-ups and crunches can require expensive gym memberships or home exercise equipment and require a regimen of tedious routines of gradually increasing difficulty. While these programs may work well for serious athletes and those with the time and discipline to follow strict technical workouts, many of us are looking for more affordable and less time-consuming alternatives that are different and enjoyable – we simply want to have some fun and improve our bodies while we are at it. The Hip Hop Abs program can do that for you.

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What is the Hip Hop Abs Workout?

Hip Hop Abs is a series of fun dance workout videos featuring the entertaining and amazingly energetic Shaun T. The program also includes a nutrition guide to help you with your diet, a 30-day workout calendar if you want to track your workouts and a measurement card and tape measure so you can monitor your progress. You will also have access to 24/7 on line support with a chat feature that will connect you to the supportive Hip Hop Abs community.

Who Created Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs WorkoutShaun Thompson (Shaun T) is the man behind Hip Hop Abs. Originally from New Jersey, Shaun now lives in New York City.

He received his college education in Sports Science and Theater/Dance and pursued a dance career on Broadway, where he participated in Ten Commandants and Pippin. He also had a part in the movie “Beauty Shop” with Queen Latifah and choreographed several prominent routines, including the NCAA Final Four halftime show and several scenes in the dance movie “Bring It On: All or Nothing”.

Shaun T developed and came out with Hip Hops Abs in 2007. The program was an immediate success and helped launch the current trend toward dance fitness classes.

The Hip Hop Abs Workouts – An Overview

The Hip Hop Abs workouts are delivered to you as a series of videos that you can use in your home. The first video, “Secrets to Flat Abs”, shows you Shaun T’s methods of working your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques (Tilt, Tuck & Tighten) while you dance. The second video, “Fat Burning Cardio” is a high-energy routine set to pulsating hip-hop music. You can learn some new dance moves while burning fat and tightening your abs with this video. The third video is called “Ab Sculpt”. In this video Shaun T shows you some of his signature moves that will shape your abs. The final video in the series is called “Total Body Burn” and it provides with a full-body workout that will burn fat and improve your overall fitness while simultaneously improving your dance moves.

When you buy the Hip Hop Abs workout videos, you also get the products (nutrition guide, calendar, measurement card and tape measure) described above. Shaun T also includes additional products in your order. You also get several additional videos – two full-length videos that show you the latest hip hop dance routines plus a “Hips, Buns and Thighs” video that can help you attack those problem areas. A fast-food nutrition guide and a six-day diet plan are also included in the package.

Is the Hip Hop Abs Workout Right for You?

Almost everyone wants to improve their body, but most people do not have the time, money or interest in joining an expensive gym or purchasing home exercise equipment to make it happen. The Hip Hop Abs program allows you to get the body you want without the time and expense of these options. For three payments of $19.95, you can have a workout program that you can do in front of your television whenever you want. The traditional abdominal training regimen of sit-ups, weight resistance exercises and crunches can be tedious and uncomfortable, but those words cannot be used to describe Shaun T and his Hip Hop Abs workout program. Also, there are many people out there with lower back issues that simply cannot safely do sit-ups, weight resistance exercises and crunches – if you are one of these folks, than Hip Hop Abs is right for you.

Another important issue to consider is the importance of proper nutrition in fitness training. Because most people store excess body fat in their midsection, eating properly and avoiding excess fat intake is one of the most important factors in toning your abs. Hip Hop Abs has this angle covered with a variety of diet-related products in the program, including a nutrition guide, a six-day diet plan and a guide to help you make the right choices when you eat at fast-food restaurants.

The many positive aspects of Hip Hop Abs have made it the right choice for millions of people. The combination of fun, inexpensiveness, convenience and its proper balance of exercise and nutrition have made the Hip Hop Abs workout one of the top-selling exercise programs in the United States. Chances are, it is also right for you.

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